Thursday, September 01, 2005

DaH HIjol!

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Here is a useful piece of Klingon:

DaH HIjol!

Should you ever be in trouble, whip out your communicator and hail a nearby Klingon ship (if there should happen to be one) and shout "DaH HIjol!" "Beam me up NOW"

This is not unlike the sentiment expressed in today's verse:

Qoy, joH'a', ghorgh jIH SaQ tlhej wIj ghogh.
ghaj pung je Daq jIH, je jang jIH.

Hear, O LORD, when I cry with my voice.
Have mercy also on me, and answer me. Psalm 27:7

Calling out to the LORD for assistance is a persistent theme; Psalms, indeed all of scripture is filled with prayers and pleas to God for help in times of trouble. This psalm gives us the spectrum of faith in life: declaration of faith in God, expression of loyalty to Him, along with catologing of troubles that must be faced along with the confidence that God can meet them.

The text of this psalm gives a good model to a believer on how to depend on God for all things.

This verse marks a change in psalm 27. God is no longer a "subject" to be discussed but the person to whom the psalmist calls out. Again, a good model for us - as interesting as discussions about God are - they are no substitute for a relationship with him. It's the difference between the recipe and the cake.

David knows the value of this and doesn't just speak of God - he speaks to him because he knows God LISTENS.

"Hear, O Israel" begins the shema, the primal Hebrew declaration of faith in God - "shema yisroel" in the original language, and the text of this verse echoes it with the cry "shema Adonai," "Hear, O LORD." The two-way relationship of the believer with God means not only are we to listen - God does too!

DaH HIjol - Beam me up, is a simple solution, and a tempting one. But the Bible doesn't promise that we can evacuate so simply - rather we can turn to God to find help to get through our troubles, not out of them.

In our deepest sorrow - as we face life's gravest problems we'll do all we can - and we WILL call out to God to help us through. Saint Peter sums it up when he tells us:

"Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7 NLT

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